Congregational Survey:
**The Transition Team is hoping for your response by May 30**
One of the things we are undertaking during our Transition effort is the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT). This is a survey that can be completed online or on paper. It is designed to give a snapshot of where Zion is at the moment. How much energy do we have for ministry? How satisfied are we with the congregational community and activity? What do we yearn for from our leadership and from our participation in the church? It is so important that we hear from each and every one of you. Please contact us at to request the link to the online survey, or for a paper copy. Review these PREVIEW QUESTIONS if you wish.

Holy History Event: On Sunday February 28th, we held a “Holy History Event” to celebrate Zion’s story, past and present. The event took place through Zoom and lasted about an hour. Church members were asked to choose a decade in which they first became active at Zion and to share their memories of what was going on in the world, in the community, in religion, and in our own congregation. This event was crafted to help us look to our past in order to plan for our future. It was wonderful to hear about Zion’s ministry and mission over the last 60 years. Summary of Holy History Discussion