Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church is a worshiping, learning, witnessing, and serving community of baptized persons, among whom the Word is proclaimed and the Sacraments are celebrated. All are welcome!

Join us at:
183 William Street, Portland, CT 06480
Call us: 860-342-2860
Write to us: P.O. Box 202, Portland, CT 06480

August 1st, Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
Summer Bulletin, Hymns, Readings & Announcements
Worship INSIDE; CDC Guidelines will be followed
Recordings of the service are posted Mondays by 9 a.m. on
Zion’s Youtube Channel

Rose Teacup“Romance of the Rose”, September 12, Boutique opens, 1 p.m. Tea and presentation by Donna and Ron Lasko, 2 p.m. Rose Tea Poster and Additional Details

Zion Tag Sale, in conjunction with the Townwide Tag Sale: August 28. Donations accepted beginning August 21.

Members of Zion: Click here for information about Zion’s transition effort, a copy of the congregational survey (CAT), and a summary of the Holy History event.

Due to the pandemic, the office is closed to visitors, but if you need pastoral assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to 860-342-2860, or to Pastor Sara at 678-882-9011 and pastorsara2000@gmail.com. Church office hours : Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Pledges and Contributions to Zion: Please consider mailing in your financial contribution to the church so that we can keep doing ministry in these extraordinary times! Our address is P.O. Box 202, Portland, CT 06480
PayPal: You may also donate with PayPal by using the button below, but please be aware that PayPal will charge Zion $0.30 per transaction, as well as 2.9% of the donated amount.

Sunday School & Confirmation Classes on hiatus through August. Contact Sylvia LeShane for details.  Guidelines for Sunday School and Confirmation, will be updated in September.

Upcoming events & news items listed below. See Outreach for complete calendar and event details.

  • August 28: Zion Tag Sale to coincide with Townwide Tag Sale. Donations accepted starting the weekend before.
  • September 12:  “Romance of the Rose” Tea: Details
  • Any time: Drop off collected pull tabs for Ronald McDonald House in the Red Box. Grace Guild will deliver them in the near future.
  • Anytime: simple donations to Zion can be made through the purchase of Scrip gift cards, and by signing up for Amazon Smile. Details here
  • Pocket Prayer Quilts: Elaine Cote has been making tiny (2″x2″) Pocket Prayer Quilts with a tiny angel inside. Pocket Prayer Quilts are a symbol of God’s love and remind us throughout the day that we are not alone.  If you would like one, contact Pastor Sara at 678-882-9011 or pastorsara2000@gmail.com, or the church office at 860-342-2860 or zion.lutheran@snet.net
  • Italian Dinner and entertainment by “The Three Amigos”, postponed, new date TBD
  • Anytime: Cookbooks still available, $12 each.

Call for information if you would like to learn more or if you are interested in becoming a member. 860-342-2860.